The NDCCPI Board of Directors is proposing a name change to our association by-laws and our non-profit 501c3 information.  As a board we are proposing changing the name of our association from North Dakota Child Care Providers Inc. to North Dakota Child Care Professionals Inc.  This will be voted on as association at our general meeting to be held on April 14th, 2018 at our annual conference.  Please contact us with questions or concerns prior to the general meeting.  We would like to be prepared for all discussion that may occur.

According to our current bylaws all proposed changes need to be proposed in writing 60 days in advance of any general meeting.  This post serves as that proposal.

NDCCPI recently received word from the Department of Public Instruction that the North Dakota Early Learning Guidelines and Pre-K content standards will be updated.  The Department of Public Instruction is looking for as much participation as possible to complete this update.  If interested in participating please click the link below to be routed to the Application for Selection on the Department of Public Instruction's website under Standards at